2020 Hell In A Cell Results

2020 Hell In A Cell Results

2020 Hell In A Cell Results 2020 Hell In A Cell Results 2020 Hell In A Cell Results As We all know, Hell in a cell is biggest event in the  history of WWE.Despite the Covid19 Pandemic this year it did not stop the big event.


Let’s take a look at the 2020 Hell In A Cell Results

Number 1 winner in 2020 Hell in a cell result
Randy Orton as he defeats McIntyre to become the 15x World Champion.

2.Bobby Lashley beats Slapjack to become the USA heavy weight champion.

3.Sasha Banks beats Bayley



After a lengthy Hell in a Cell match, Sasha Banks became SmackDown Women’s Champion after she made Bayley tap out.


4.The Miz pins Otis to win Money in the Bank briefcase


The Miz pinned Otis after Tucker betrayed his Heavy Machinery tag-team partner. Otis smashed Otis in the head with the briefcase when the ref wasn’t looking, with the Miz pinning Otis immediately after.

5.Jeff Hardy vs. Elias ends with DQ

6.Roman Reigns makes Jey Uso say ‘I Quit’


Hell in a Cell opened with Roman Reigns versus Jey Uso, an I Quit match inside a Cell cage. After a long, dramatic bout, Reigns made Jey say “I Quit” when Reigns locked a guillotine onto Jey’s twin brother Jimmy.





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