2020 Hip-hop Award Winners

2020 Hip-hop Award Winners

2020 Hip-hop Award Winners 2020 Hip-hop Award Winners,yesterday was 2020 Hip-hop Award Winners Day let’s take to round incase you miss the show.

Without wasting much time,let’s show you the 2020 Hip-hop Award Winners

Lyricist Of The Year Award

Rapsody Become the Winner Lyricist of the Year!


New Hip Hop Artist Award goes to Popsmoke10!

Congrats to lilbaby4PF for winning Impact Track for The Bigger Picture

Congrats to @ChrisBrown & @YoungThug for winning Best Duo or Group!

Congrats to Stormzy for winning Best International Flow

Congrats to DJdnice on winning DJ of the Year!

Shoutout to Theestallion being named Hustler of the Year

Congrats to JoeBuddenPod for winning Best Hip Hop Platform of the Year!

Shoutout to the Queen Beyonce for taking home the 👑 for Sweet 16: Best Featured Verse for Savage

Thee Hot Girl Theestallion is officially the Hip Hop Artist of the Year!

Congrats to Theestallion & Beyonce for winning Best Collaboration for Savage (Remix)

Life is Good! 😎 Congrats to @1Future & @Drake for taking home the award for Best Hip Hop Video


Congrats to TrvisXX for winning Best Live Performer!


Congrats to Hit_boy for winning Producer of the Year!


The Box wins for Song of the Year! Shoutout to Roddyricch

Major shoutout to our girl Spike Tee aka Teyanataylor for taking home the title of Video Director of the Year!

Please Excuse Me For Antisocial by Roddyricch takes the 👑 for Best Hip Hop Album of The Year at the 2020

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