How US Soldiers Rescue An American Kidnapped In Nigeria

How US Soldiers Rescue An American Kidnapped In Nigeria

How US Soldiers Rescue An American Kidnapped In NigeriaHow US Soldiers Rescue An American Kidnapped In Nigeria

Is no longer new that USA Army rescued her citizen hold captive in Nigeria by bandit. Now let’s  read how the  Brave men of the  USA  Army handled the operation  silently.

They planned and organised this mission from over 6,000km away in the Pentagon.

Deployed drones from their base in Niger to give them constant surviellance and communication hook up to their satellites way up in the Sky.


Had their aircraft carrier on the gulf of Guinea with Jets ready to be scrambled to give air cover in case the target area gets swamped by tangos.


They then flew their star boys all the way from the US military base in Germany onboard the USAF Globemaster from where they parachuted from 25,000ft down to a location less than 3miles to the location where they hooked up with local assets who had provided transportation closer to the main location.

Meanwhile back at the US Drone base in Niger, Delta Force team were on standby with 4 Blackhawks and two gunships waiting for the go.


Their job was to pick up the team and the rescued hostage at a designated pickup point 5 clicks from the target location and if the mission goes wrong act as back up forces to the seal team with the reaper drone coming in hot on any advancing enemy tangos .

Seal Team makes it to location.

Goes in clean.


Secures hostage and calls in Big Eagle

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Team makes it down to pick up point and in less than 1 minute Ranger pickups arrive and we have birds in the sky.


Mission accomplished. .


Philip Walton 27, was successfully rescued and six of the seven kidnappers killed. Yes, it took place inside the territory of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.


General Buratai and his murderous army were asleep and didnt know. Octogenarian President Buhari and his moronic mortley crowd of jesters masquerading as buharist, ministers of the Republic were in slumber and didn’t stir.


The Nigerian police ,sulking because the youths dare demanded that they stop snuffing out lives and demanding millions as bribes were playing cards, ludo and droughts inside their stations and had no knowledge.

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One day, someday, they will take away your president and you will wake up looking for him amongst the thickets of bushes around Abuja.


Its God who protects Nigerians. No security in the joke of a nation.


Buhari and his spokesmen are not yet to make any statement. There is probably nothing to say. We all know the truth. The military action by the US is an indictment on the Nigerian Government and its military.


The United States simply tells you by that action that they do not trust the Nigerian State and its military because they have been badly infiltrated by Boko Haram terrorists and insurgents.


This nation needs urgent reset. And that can only be done by total restructuring and peoples centred referendum.

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