Sex and Marriage Education

Sex and Marriage Education

Sex and Marriage Education

Sex and Marriage Education In the world like this, Some women believe that guys all after they sex. No guy will help a lady without demanding sex from her or guys walk away from them.


My sister in this life, the way you market your business the buyers will approach you.
First, Relationship is not about Sex. You can’t be in relationship without you contributing anything. You are not expect the guy to give you money for this or that without you giving the guy some good idea that will help him in life. You most at least contribute Spiritual growth, financial and physical growth. You don’t always ask give me this and that.
As a lady you don’t depends on your Husband to give you while you can’t contribute anything.

Sex and Marriage Education

I was discussing with a girl one day, she said that if she see any man that is serious for marriage she will marry. I ask her what are you doing, Asin ur skills. She said she was not doing anything for now. I now ask her, you are not doing anything but you want to give marriage a room without you established urself financially. I was so disappointed on her thought.

You don’t go in to relationship and marriage without having something doing for urself. You depend on already made man to spend on u. My dear it didn’t work that way. Establish yourself with a start and make it big. Don’t look for rich guy when you can’t buy ordinary pant for yourself. Don’t look for jeep when you can’t pay urself ordinary Uber.


Sex and Marriage Education


When you value yourself with what you have, remove yourself in begging then you see relationship far better than sex

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